Please email to place your order.

Pie sizes:

9 inches – $38.50
(serves 8-10)
12 inches – $48.50
(serves 12-16)


You have the option of a
gluten-free crust
$3 additional charge

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Pie

White chocolate peppermint bark ice cream, graham cracker crust, hot fudge, chocolate peppermint bark

Please email your order at least 4 days before you want to pick up the pie.
All orders needed before Christmas must be picked up by 5 pm on Christmas Eve. (we will be closing early that day)
Reminder: we are closed on Mondays.

Pie directions:

Take the pie out of your freezer 5-10 minutes before you’d like to serve it.
Cut the pie with a sharp knife. Put any leftover pie back in the freezer soon after serving it.